Instructor Led Training

Programic Asia provides globally consistent set of multidisciplinary high caliber training programs and events to provide companies with the critical edge in corporate strategy today. We provide qualifications and professional development; share knowledge, insight and technical expertise and focus on giving people in business the opportunity to sharpen skills.  Across diverse industries and geographies our executive events facilitate knowledge transfer and help our clients develop valuable business networks.

The success of our programs is measured by practical outcomes – What learners are expected to achieve and how they are expected to demonstrate that achievement. Answering the question “What did participants learn by taking this course” is insufficient. We also need to know “What can participants do now that they have this knowledge”. It’s an important distinction and one, which produces meaningful and practical training for our clients.

Our instructors are highly skilled at bringing practical, real-world experience to the classroom in engaging, relevant and high-quality courses. Backed by a solid network of educators and instructional designers, we are uniquely competent to support your organization with quality one-stop training solutions from experienced professionals.

We also recognize the fact that delegates are best enthused and motivated by training that uses methods such as problem solving, structured discussion, skills practice and case studies; encouraging the application of newly acquired skills in the workplace so competences are developed and job performance improved. Your courses are tailored using a process called IDEA, illustrated below.

Supply Chain Training In India

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