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Social Media & Analytics – 3rd Edition

September 18 - September 19



“If you have questions, go to the store. Your customers have the answers.”
Sam Walton, founder, Walmart
The challenges facing global businesses and the people who lead them are now, more than ever, intertwined in the direct empowerment and involvement of customers and stakeholders. The World Wide Web— described by Sir Tim Berners-Lee as “an interactive sea of shared knowledge…made of the things we and our friends have seen, heard, believe or have figured out”—has dramatically accelerated the shift to consumer-driven markets. In a socially connected marketplace, shared knowledge is now emerging as the ultimate resource. Information wants to be free, and in these new markets it is: free of constraints on place, free of control on content, and free of restrictive access on consumption

Twitter…Facebook…YouTube…blogs—Social media is everywhere and we all take part in the growing conversation in one shape or form whether we want to or not. As technology brings the global marketplace within reach of just about everyone, today’s businesses are seeing more and more of the value of social media to help reach new markets across the street and around the world. Statistics show, in fact, that a staggering 90% of companies today report that social media is an important tool for growing their customer base—and their bottom line.

How is your business leveraging the power of social media? How can you increase the potential and reach of the social media tools you already use?


With the global population at 7.395 billion, internet users have increased to 3.419 billion today. Out of the total internet user base, 2.307 billion are active social media users.

What this spells for India – If stats are to be believed, India is quickly becoming a digital-first nation where the adoption levels towards new trends are much higher.

The seamless integration of interactive technology such as Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), wearables, live streaming, drones, GoPros has been promising innovations that have been much spoken of in 2016, and the world awaits with bated breath for what is about to unfold in the years to come. 2017 will witness continued investment towards driving the true potential of technological innovations, with a balanced approach towards engaging the consumer and driving worldwide impact.

Each year you are bombarded with new trends and predictions for the year to come. One expert after another will predict major trends. Many will get it somewhat right. Others will grossly exaggerate the importance of their own favorite pet areas.

But just like every year, your course leader – an award winning international speaker, trainer, consultant and board member has a different take on what’s important this year. Programic Asia’s “Social Media & Analytics” MasterClass will provide marketers with insights on how to improve the integration between Social Media & Analytics. With more than half of the world’s population now online including billions of people using social platforms, its clear that digital and social should be a central part of every brand’s toolkit.

  • Plan your social media strategy. Learn how social media fits within your marketing strategy, sales efforts and customer service initiatives and how you can use it to reduce costs and drive Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Learn how to INTEGRATE – DIGITAL MARKETING & SOCIAL THINKING into everything that your brand does to take advantage of the ever-more connected world.
    Contextual reach
  • Discover proven social media and digital marketing techniques that could boost your business online,increase your marketing impact and put digital, social and mobile into perspective.

Key takeaways-

  • Fusing the science of analytics with the art of making relevant, engaging creative is an intriguing challenge
  • Get inspiration to do your job even better today and in the near future
  • Learn from an award winning marketing practitioner who has trained 10’s of thousands of professionals across in 50 countries across 6 continents
  • See case studies from world-class campaigns and get insight from the best marketer
  • Get proven strategies and tactics which smart people can apply immediately after the Masterclass
  • Exclusive insights on the core pillars of social media in 2017.
  • How to make seamless execution POSSIBLE!!




September 18
September 19
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Mumbai Sep 18, 2017
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